Geeky Goodness – X-Files 2 Trailer from Wondercon 2008

I’m excited about The Dark Knight. I’m eager to watch Iron Man. But this trailer for The X-Files 2 has just put it at the top of my must see summer movie list. I think this trailer confirms exactly what the monster is going to be in this new Mulder and Scully adventure (notice the wagging tail and the clawed faces). If you aren’t a fan of The X-Files, this trailer is cut for you too. The fans in the background are obviously having a freaking meltdown, but it’s just thrilling enough to get anyone, ANYONE in the theater.

[youtube KoJCtCUooKg]

Universal, take note. Your Wolf Man movie has some major competition.  Plus, who wouldn’t rather see Billy Connelly as a werewolf hunter instead of Hugo Weaving?  Pure gold.