AVATAR hits $500 million domestic, TITANIC record going down

Yesterday, Avatar became only the third film in motion picture history to hit the $500 million mark at the domestic box office ($505 million to be specific). With a $54 million four-day total over the MLK holiday, King of the World Universe James Cameron is now almost guaranteed to top his own Titanic when Avatar becomes the highest grossing picture at the domestic box office. Look for that to come sometime mid-February.

And Titanic‘s worldwide record? Expect that to go down before month’s end. Avatar is only $220 million dollars away from hitting $1.84 billion dollar mark. It’s been pulling in more than $150 million worldwide just on weekends, and its regular weekend take overseas is going up not down. (China pulling the 2D version from its cinemas could have an slight impact, though.)

Now instead of wondering if Avatar will become the highest grossing picture of all-time both at home and abroad, we can start asking if it has the legs to hit $2 billion worldwide. The odds certainly are in its favor.

(Numbers via Box Office Mojo)

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