THE AVENGERS, not SUPERMAN, to film in Cleveland

Twitter is fun. Earlier today, the tweeted news that the new Superman movie would be filmed in Cleveland. There were two things wrong with the story.

  1. said “Marvel/Disney” as the studio in the link they provided. (Now corrected with no mention of Superman)
  2. And Vancouver was the rumored filming location for Zack Snyder’s reboot as far back as December.

Of course, being the overly excitable Superman fan I am, I decided to ignore the obvious and start the #cletropolis hashtag anyway. Getting friends to help tweet things like “Lex Luthor buys @OfficialBrowns and plans to move them to Baltimore” and “The city of #cle hires #superman to stand the free stamp back upright” was all fun and games until the truth came out.’s full report said that the superhero movie that’s filming in Cleveland is The Avengers, not Superman. So instead of trying to track down Henry Cavill, I guess my pals and I will just have to track down Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr. (I’m sure there will be Joss Whedon tracking too. I work at a software company, after all.)

Now to get started on that #clevengers hashtag…


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