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Tom Hanks

  • Of all the high-profile appearances on 30 Rock (Oprah, Steve Martin, Jon Hamm), none may be as big as this: Tom Hanks took to Twitter to announce that he’ll guest star on the NBC comedy. (Twitter)
  • Warren Beatty still has the motion picture and television rights to the Tribune Company’s Dick Tracy. A federal judged sided with Beatty saying that a Dick Tracy segment for Turner Classic Movies produced by Beatty was enough for him to retain the rights to the comic strip detective. Now Beatty can move forward with another major Dick Tracy project. (The Wrap)
  • You know that The Three Stooges project the Farrelly Brothers have been developing since, well, before I started this blog. It looks like the cast is finally coming together. MadTV vet Will Sasso is set to play Curly, while Hank Azaria and James Marsden are rumored for the roles of Moe and Larry, respectively. (Deadline)
  • Netflix and Miramax are nearing a $100 million deal to bring films like The English Patient, Chicago, and Pulp Fiction to Netflix’s Instant Streaming service. (Reuters)
  • Well I guess this will do until they make the Prince William bio pic… The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer will play a prince in Tarsem Singh’s Snow White. Julia Roberts is already on board to play the evil queen. (THR)


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