Ground control to Major Tom: Bowie’s SPACE ODDITY is now a children’s book


Oh, to be a kid again. Back when I was young, my mom read Goodnight Moon and/or Have You Seen a Giraffe In a Hat to me before I went to bed. I love you, Mom, but I totally got ripped off.

Kids these days can now have David Bowie’s Space Oddity read (or sung?) to them at bedtime. Right now, it’s an unofficial eBook, so you’ll have to download it and read it on an iPad. But I’ll be sure to put in on the Christmas list for all the youngsters in my family — when illustrator Andrew Kolb gets the right to have it printed.


Check out the original Wired article for more images from Space Oddity.

What do you think? Would you buy the Bowie children’s book?

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