What Would The Headlines Look Like If THE AVENGERS Were Real?


One of the best parts of the Marvel Universe is that it’s grounded in the world we actually live in. So instead of Zod trying to destroy Metorpolis, Loki tries to destroy New York City.

While we saw how the broadcast media world would react to an invasion in The Avengers, we never really got a good look at what popular publications would say about our superheroes. Well, don’t worry, because the curious ones among us have Kimba McG on our side.

McG’s Tumblr page, MediAvengers: Earth’s Mightiest Gossip, takes a look at what some of the most popular pubs in America would look like if the Avengers were real.

Here are just a few but be sure to visits McG’s Tumblr to see the article layouts, too:

mcg-forbes-pepper-potts mcg-in-touch-avengersmcg-patriot-newsweekmcg-time-captain-americamcg-vanity-fair-pepper-potsnew-york-mag-avengers-mcgnytimes-mcg-starkus-avengers-mcgSource: /Film

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