Rick Moranis Talks GHOSTBUSTERS 3 – Big 6 Morning Report


  • Rick Moranis is officially retired from acting, but the seemingly never-ending talk about Ghostbusters 3 even has Louis Tully finally making a comment. Moranis recently told Empire magazine that he “wouldn’t not” do a third movie. However, the second film was a disappointment in his eyes and the third would have to be good in order for him to return. (Empire)
  • Want to see a Hellboy 3? Well, don’t get your hopes up for a sequel anytime soon. Despite a possibility of the film being made at Legendary Pictures, the head of the company Thomas Tull said that there are right issues to be worked out before the movie can proceed. (Shock Till You Drop)
  • How much money with Man of Steel make worldwide? The Hollywood Reporter is predicting about $650-700 million after the film just passed the $500 million mark. That puts MoS on target to do about half the business Iron Man 3 did. (THR)
  • Sorry, ComicCon attendees. Peter Jackson won’t be there to promote The Hobbit. (Deadline)
  • For some reason, people are still watching The Walking Dead. (Though I do wish I’d stuck it out long enough to see Andrea dead.) Well, the first episode of the fourth season has a title: “30 Days Without an Accident.” (Superhero Hype)
  • The bad lieutenant meets bad Santa? Nicholas Cage is set to star in Terry Zwigoff’s next movie Lost Melody. (ComingSoon.net)


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