Bryan Fuller’s SyFy Pilot HIGH NOON Casts Two Leads


Fewer words are more exciting than “Bryan Fuller’s SyFy pilot,” at least to TV geekdom. Fuller, who has produced some of the best, most short-lived series of the past decade, never seems to be at a loss for work despite a history of low-rated cult shows. And while his Hannibal is bound to be gutted by NBC after next season, we have another project of his moving ahead that we can look forward to.

The Office‘s Chris Diamantopoulos (pictured left) and Easy A‘s Jake Sandvig (pictured right) have been cast as the leads in Fuller’s upcoming SyFy drama High Noon. The show tells the story of a future where all the countries in the world have come together to mine the moon’s resources. But once new signs of life are discovered on the moon, well, things don’t go as planned.  Diamantopoulos plays an American investigator who uncovers something unexpected in the aftermath of an explosion on the moon. Sandvig plays a convicted criminal sentenced to hard labor on the moon.

Fuller is no stranger to harder science fiction. He got his start writing for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, the latter of which he co-produced late in the series. Now with this 90-minute pilot in the works at SyFy, we’ll finally see Fuller return to the genre that made him famous.

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