Hey Girl, Put Ryan Gosling All Over Your Browser With This Plugin


When it comes to memes, no actor, not even Keanu, can claim to have more internet tomfoolery dedicated to him than Mr. Ryan Gosling. There’s library-loving Gosling. There’s ex-boyfriend Gosling. There’s even medieval history Gosling. But get ready to explode, internet. Because now you can actually have Ryan Gosling take over your entire web browser.

The Hey Girl plugin for Chrome allows you to take all the annoying pictures on a webpage that don’t have Ryan Gosling in them and put a little Gosling in them. So a Facebook page could look like this:


Now if you’re going through your news feed on Facebook and your “friend” posts another goddamn set of baby pictures, just replace the kid with Gosling. Or if you’re on Huffington Post and you’re sick of war and sideboob, make those pictures go away in favor of the net’s favorite actor. With this app you’ll never have to go without Gosling ever again. And the web is a happier place for it. Head over to HeyGirl.io to get your plugin.

Source: Daily Dot


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