Ben Affleck is Batman in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, who won an Oscar last year for Argo with former Batman George Clooney, has been tapped to play the Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel, Batman Vs. Superman.

Warner Bros. golden boy, who at one point was an earlier contender for the Man of Steel directing gig (something I wish would have happened), fits the description we’ve come to accept about the new Batman. He’s older, in his forties, and will likely be able to take on Superman without all of that annoying background. The last thing we need is another origin story.  We can go straight into Supes and the Bat slugging it out.

Now, I didn’t love Man of Steel. And in truth, I wouldn’t have even put Affleck on my shortlist. However, I really like the guy. He’s an excellent director and anyone who has given me Gone Baby GoneThe Town and Argo gets a lot of room to do whatever he wants in my book. He also seems closer to a Keaton Batman than a Bale Batman, only because he’ll surely look like he’s having some fun while donning the cape. (I miss fun Batman.)

And let’s not forget, an Affleck Batman will have a distinct advantage over the Man of Steel because he’s been there, done that:

Source: Deadline

Batman Vs. Superman Opens July 17, 2015

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