Joss Whedon Weighs In On The Affleck Batman Debate


The internet almost broke when Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman in the sequel to Man of Steel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, 71 percent of the Tweets in the first hour after the announcement were negative. And fans even launched online petitions to have Warner Bros. reverse a decision that was actually in the making before Man of Steel was even released in theaters.

Well, the king of all geekdom, Joss Whedon, has chimed in on the Affleck debate, and he took to Twitter to give his approval to the casting:

As the man behind The Avengers, arguably the best superhero movie ever made, Whedon’s opinion should hold a lot of sway. And given that Whedon would love to direct a Batman movie of his own someday, you gotta consider he’s had many a fanboy conversation of his own about who he would cast as the Caped Crusader.

That said, Whedon does throw a HUGE caveat in there when he says “just needs the material.” That, my friends, is where this whole thing could go south very quickly.

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