Consider This Sh*t: James Franco’s SPRING BREAKERS Oscar Campaign


If this was any other movie, I wouldn’t even believe it was real. But it’s James Franco and Harmony Korine, so a hyper-real Oscar campaign is about right.

Franco’s long-shot campaign for Best Supporting Actor in Korine’s Spring Breakers was released to THR over the weekend, making it one of the first For Your Consideration ads of the Oscar season. It’s also the first and likely only campaign to ever include word “shit” in its messaging.

While there’s no better way to win attention than to create a campaign that gets right to the heart of the character/actor it’s supporting, this Spring Breakers ad won’t likely win over the old, white male Academy voters.

Still, as Harmony Korine’s only consistently watchable movie and his likely masterpiece, Spring Breakers deserves some recognition come the end of the year. Maybe, just maybe, some brave critics group will give Franco the accolades he deserves. (Austin film critics, I’m looking at you.)

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