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ANT-MAN Moves to Summer 2015… Clearing The Way For A Holiday STAR WARS Release?
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One is that Marvel just wants to dick with DC Comics, which will open Batman Vs. Superman two weeks prior to Ant-Man, so they can say that even Ant-Man a very minor superhero is bigger than their best heroes. I can only imagine what the Marvel offices would be if Ant-Man halted the Man of Steel sequel’s momentum.

Of course, another possibility is that Star Wars VII just moved one step closer to an official holiday release. While no date is yet set for the first in the sequel trilogy, the move will give Disney some extra marketing breathing room around a December 2015 release date. (Probably Dec. 13 or Dec. 20.) It’s hard to believe Star Wars would want to compete with either Bond or The Hunger Games in November.

Either way, a move to summer shows confidence in a project that we never thought would ever see the light of day just a year ago.

Source: /Film


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