WB CEO Singles Out Wonder Woman As The Next Big DC Franchise?


One of the great frustrations for any DC fanboy is that Wonder Woman still hasn’t had a  proper big screen adaptation. And Dubya Dubya hasn’t had a decent TV series since Linda Carter’s show in the 1970s. In fact, short of the Wonder Woman DVD movie that came out in 2009 (which should be used as the model for all WW adaptations), she may be the most under-utilized of all the DC properties.

But superhero movies, both Marvel and DC alike, are regular sausage fests. So having a female superhero in the lead role is something that should be on every studio agenda right now. Over at WB it apparently is.

This weekend at an entertainment lawyer’s convention Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara, hot off his deal with J.K. Rowling for more Harry Potter films, singled out the Amazing Amazon as a DC property with a potential live-action future saying, “We need to get Wonder Woman on the big screen or TV.”

It’s worth noting that he’s quoted in THR saying the studio had “huge plans for a number of other DC properties on TV.” So maybe that means we won’t get Wonder Woman in the movies, but that long-gestating CW show could finally come to fruition. We all know the Arrow-verse is greater than anything DC has put on film in the past, let’s say 8 years (only because I love Batman Begins). Of course, there’s no reason we can’t have a Wonder Woman movie along with a TV series set in another universe. That’s the magic of cinema.

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