Harrison Ford Demands INDY 5 As Part Of His STAR WARS VII Deal?


Harrison Ford has been the lone Star Wars VII hold out from the original trio of Luke, Leia and Han. As of two weeks ago even, Ford had yet to sign on the for the film and public stated he was “undecided” appearing in the sequel trilogy.

Today comes a report by way of JediNews that Harrison Ford is one signature away from appearing again as Han Solo in multi film deal that exceeds just Star Wars VII. But part of that deal could also mean that we’re going to get an Indiana Jones 5… whether we want it or not.

According to the site:

Ford wanted a commitment to Indy 5. He did not get this as there is no plot line or script in place. What did happen was an agreement was made wherein an outline would be developed by the end of calendar year 2014, and if all parties can agree to it moving forward, efforts would be made to move on Indy 5 for release before the end of 2016.

So yeah.

Ford was talking about his desire for Indiana Jones 5 as recently as April, so it’s not all that shocking that he would wrap one Lucasfilm project in with another. And despite its detractors, Indy 4  did make 3/4 of a billion dollars at the global box office.  Seems like a win-win for Lucasfilm and Ford. Now if only anyone actually wanted an Indiana Jones 5, everything would be a-ok.


  1. Are you kidding me ? Woo wouldn’t want to see another Indiana Jones!!! I didn’t mind the last one at all and I definitely want more to come, matter of fact rather another Indiana Jones than Star Wars!



  3. Seriously Dan? Go sit on your high horse above the hive mind and speak for everyone that we don’t want another movie. How do you still have a job?

  4. I’d rather see a stab at another INDY film than another STAR WARS film.

  5. Love Indy. Would like more Indy. Stop spreading the hate. Indy 4 was not perfect, but I still enjoy a lot of it. More Indy does not take away the original films, and I for one welcome Ford, Spielberg and Lucas to take another shot at it. They are fun movies. Please stop spreading this thought that “Nobody wants it” when in fact that just makes you look like a snobby, whiny, petty person.

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