Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE Gets A Director!


While Marvel searches for Edgar Wright’s replacement over on Ant-Man, they’ve locked in the helmer for the highly anticipated adaptation of Doctor Strange.

According to Variety, director Scott Derrickson, whose filmography includes SinisterThe Exorcism of Emily Rose and the direct to video sequel Hellraiser: Inferno, is in final talks to take the reigns of a film that could be the next big Marvel superhero franchise.

If you aren’t familiar with Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, he’s a former neurosurgeon who protects the Earth from magical threats as its Sorcerer Supreme. Derrickson has a history of turning in solid (and profitable) horror pictures with mystical/religious themes, which very well could mean see Strange versus Daimon Hellstrom (a.k.a. Son of Satan).

Ant-Man issues aside, a Doctor Strange film could be pretty epic. I’ve been excited for it ever since he was name dropped in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And now that we have a director we can focus on the next big Strange news: Who will play the Sorcerer Supreme?

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