Quickie: 28 DAYS LATER (2002)

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28 Days Later…(2002)–*** Quickie Review A bike messenger wakes up from a coma to discover a virus causing uncontrollable rage has been unleashed in Britain, and he must find a way to live as one of the few uninfected people remaining. More like Lord of the Flies than Night of the Living Dead, Danny Boyle’s art-house horror film doesn’t break new ground, but does plant a few new seeds. Shot on DV, the gritty, shadowed pictures create an eerie world that plays to the dark psychology. Anyone looking for a “scary” movie may be disappointed, but no sudden jump is scarier than the shots of a desolate London. Starring Brendan Gleason and Cillian Murphy....

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Quickie: ANNIE HALL (1977)

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Annie Hall (1977)–***1/2 Quickie Review A super-cynical comedian reexamines his broken relationship with the flighty Annie Hall. This 1970’s rom-com is has Woody Allen’s most innovative twists and idiosyncrasies. Diane Keaton is charming and funny as Allen’s leading lady. Even though it sometimes feels like a stand-up routine, Allen’s first love letter to New York is clever and romantic. Five Academy Awards including Best...

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