Music/DVD Review: Paul McCartney’s Memory Almost Full

Posted by on Dec 9, 2007 in DVD Review, Music Review | 0 comments

Listening to Memory Almost Full, Paul McCartney’s Starbucks (Hear Music) album, it’s hard to believe the 65-year-old McCartney is still producing songs so vibrant and so exhilarating. You don’t hear his age in his voice, but you can hear his age in his lyrics. The songs bounce from buoyant pop-melodies to personal retrospections. And then there are songs like “Ever Present Past” (download it) that are determined to be both. The DVD features the “Ever Present Past” music video, with a brown and white color scheme and dubious, but still fun choreography. It’s not the eccentric, entertaining video for “Dance Tonight” that also appears on the disc, that’s for sure, but few songs are as entertaining as “Dance Tonight,” video or no video. The song “Dance Tonight” (download it) was the first single released from Memory Almost Full. The...

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