Kevin Smith Rejects Kickstarter For CLERKS 3 Because He Has His Own Money

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Kevin Smith isn’t going somewhere other “indie” filmmakers have gone before: To Kickstarter. Smith, in an interview with THR, said that the time for a guy like him to use something like crowd-funding to make his movies has passed: “It feels like me trying to have a second bite at the apple by going, ‘All right man, now I’m going indie again with this Kickstarter thing.’ Like, the truth of it is, after all this time, 20 years later, I have access to money,” Smith said in the interview. “If I don’t use my own money, I can always hit up some of my famous friends.” What Smith doesn’t mention, of course, is that he’s able to make any movie a cash cow if he just hold special Q&A screenings around the country like he did with Red State. Kickstarter is...

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Indie Alert: WORLD’S BEST DAD world premiere, CONNECTED in LA, Flyway Film Fest workshop

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In New York City? Joshua Gross‘s feature film, World’s Best Dad, will have its world premiere on Friday, August 19. The outdoor screening is part of Rooftop Films Summer Screening Series. Check out the trailer above. And now to the West Coast. Tiffany Shlain‘s award-winning documentary, Connected, will open in LA on September 30. The Sundance selection, which explores the visible and invisible connections between humankind, nature and technology, will be shown at the Arc Light Cinemas in Hollywood. Connected is also opening in San Francisco and Portland before the LA date, so check out the screening schedule for more information. Need to “Think Outside the Box Office?” The Flyway Film Festival will present a two-day workshop for filmmakers at this year’s festival in Pepin, Wisconsin. The workshop, held on Oct. 20 and 21, will be lead by director/author Jon Reiss,...

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John C. Lyons just launched the website for his second feature film, There Are No Goodbyes. You can catch a sneak preview of this rust belt drama at the Boonies International Film Festival in Warren, Pennsylvania, August 17-20.  You can also get Lyons’s first feature, Schism, on Amazon VOD. Things I Don’t Understand, the second feature from David Spaltro, just wrapped production. You can check out character posters and stay up to date on the film’s Facebook page. If you want to check out Spaltro’s first feature, Around…, you can catch it on Amazon VOD. Zak Forsman is seeking funding for his crime thriller Down and Dangerous. You can help him reach his $30,000 goal on Kickstarter. Seattle-based filmmaker David Spies also needs your help to get his Christmas short, Silver Bells, into production. You can help him reach his...

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Dave Boyle takes the self-distribution route with SURROGATE VALENTINE

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Kevin Smith’s Red State tour kicked-off yesterday at Radio City Music hall, but his self-distribution model isn’t something most filmmakers can recreate. That’s what makes today’s announcement that Dave Boyle’s Surrogate Valentine taking a progressive self-distribution approach even more exciting. The model outlined below isn’t new, but Boyle has enough cred to stir things up. From the press release: Tiger Industry Films, the boutique production and distribution collective today announced the release plan of its new film Surrogate Valentine via movies-on-demand platform of major national cable systems, including Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Dish Network, and Direct TV. Premiering at the 2011 SXSW Film Festival, the film will be available for a limited time on DVD during the festival run and on VOD starting fall of 2011. … Dave Boyle, director/co-founder of Tiger Industry Films said, “On VOD and DVD...

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Tribeca Film ramps up distribution in 2011

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Announcements like these that remind me that it’s a great time to be a cinephile. Tribeca Film is ramping up its distribution, announcing today a slate of 26 films that will be released in theaters, on demand and/or online in 2011. That’s more than double the number of featured released in 2010 by Tribeca Enterprises distribution arm. Last year’s launch saw distribution via, the Apple iTunes Store, Netflix Streaming and Vudu, with select titles airing on Showtime. Tribeca Film also held limited theatrical engagements and partnered with New Video to launch the Tribeca Film home video label. In 2011, you can expect to see films starring Zach Braff, Vincent Gallo and Zoe Kravitzand released through multiple channels. The slate also includes pictures from filmmakers like Jerzy Skolimowski, Vincent D’Onofrio and Peter Mullan. Full title list and release plans after the jump....

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Indie Alert: JOE SCHERMANN SONG poster, THERE ARE NO GOODBYES funding, more

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It’s been a while, but I’m feel like spreading a little indie love tonight. Director Gary King just released the teaser poster for his upcoming musical How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song. Check it out here. There Are No Goodbyes, from filmmaker John C. Lyons, is in the home stretch of its funding campaign on IndieGoGo. Give! Check out this clip from the Oscar nominated indie Let’s Pollute! The animated short film comes from former Pixar animator Geefwee Boedoe. I randomly stumbled upon this Kickstarter campaign for a short film from Jeffrey K. Miller titled Lectern. Gets a spot tonight because of this bold description: “A comic fable in the (nonexistent) hybrid tradition of Stephen Chow, Jean-Luc Godard, and Network.” Fin. Got indie news? Send...

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