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I should know better than to get excited about a movie like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtules. Given the creative team behind it and that ridiculous trailer released earlier this year, chances are I will walk out of this movie disappointed. But like Man of Steel before it, nostalgia is giving way to uncontrollable excitement. Adding fuel to this fire is a new set of character posters that do a good job making the Turtles look less creepy than they actually look. Check ’em out:...

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Odd City Entertainment Announces THE USUAL SUSPECTS Print By Matt Ferguson

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The good folks over at Odd City Entertainment are paying tribute to Bryan Singer’s 1995 masterpiece The Usual Suspects with limited run screen prints by UK artist Matt Ferguson. Ferguson, who has worked for Marvel Studios and created promo artwork for Chronicle and World War Z, was chosen here for his minimalist style that comes with an eye for detail. Here’s what Ferguson had to say about his work here: “From the beginning of the concept the design was very much a collaborative effort. I am used to working by myself so it was really cool to bounce off someone else and use their feedback to create something special. With this particular poster I really pushed myself in terms of the level of detail I would normally put into a screen print. I used some interesting techniques, especially within the fire elements to...

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New DIVERGENT Character Posters

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I haven’t read Veronica Roth’s Divergent, but after seeing this trailer, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for the film. Not Harry Potter or Hunger Games excited, but in terms of YA franchises, this one seems like the most interesting one out there. So today comes seven character posters (via The Wrap) which most of you reading this will be more familiar with than I am. Though I gotta say, I’m already a HUGE fan of Four. Christina from Divergent Eric from Divergent Four from Divergent Max from Divergent Peter from Divergent Tori from Divergent Tris from...

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We’re less than a month away from the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the sequel to the 2011 mega blockbuster. So far the marketing has been above average in both quality and quantity, but nothing could be described as truly astonishing… until now. Yesterday, Badass Digest debuted one of the best posters I’ve ever seen for a major release, promoting Catching Fire‘s IMAX Release. It’s a sublime Baroque piece inspired by the work of Kris Kuksi, who has given the poster his blessing. IMAX and Lionsgate are likely both going the extra mile with this poster, partly because Catching Fire has turned into the studio’s hottest property and partly because without 3D, IMAX screenings will need to make up for the money left on the table. Whatever the reason, we got this truly amazing piece of film artwork. And hopefully a...

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Katniss Has You In Her Sights In The Final HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Poster

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With less than two months until the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Lionsgate has debuted the final poster for the blockbuster sequel. It’s not the greatest poster in the history of movie posters, that’s for sure, but you have a fierce Katniss looking fierce. That pretty much gets to the heart of what you’re in for in Catching Fire. If you can’t wait to get your tickets, they’re now on sale at and, both of which will give you a free download of the soundtrack tune “Lights” by Phantogram. So lock in your chance to see what will almost certainly be the biggest movie of...

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This ROBOCOP Remake Poster Will Make You Feel Sorry For Everyone Involved

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Sigh. First it was a wholly uninspired trailer. Now it’s a wholly uninspired poster. I’m really starting to feel sorry for everyone involved with the RoboCop remake. (Except for the executives who greenlit the damn thing.) I mean, this poster sells RoboCop like he’s a car or a gadget, not the cop of the some dystopian corporate future. Of course, the whole marketing scheme right now feels like a parody commercial from Verhoeven’s original, so at least we can all sit back and laugh at it… to hide the tears. Source:...

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