See The Animatronic Baby That Was Banished From TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN, PART II

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I’ve never watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part II.  In fact, I didn’t see a single movie in that franchise after that horrendous first film. But apparently, I missed out. I mean, any movie that would create a creepy, 60-pound animatronic baby that looks like it has the birth defects you’d see in the Peacock Boys’ offspring must have something going for it, right? The kid’s actual name is Renesmee, which is bizarre enough in itself. But the animatronic doll earned the name Chuckesmee because, well, just watch the video below. It’s too bad the animatronic infant was replaced by a CGI baby in the end because Chuckesmee would have taken the franchise to a whole new level of weird. Check it out: Source:...

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WUTHERING HEIGHTS, AVON MAN, ERECTOR SET, and more in your Thursday morning News Links

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Where does he get all those wonderful toys?! I get Candy Land. I get Battleship. I even get View-Master. But Erector Set: The Movie? (EW) Hugh Jackman’s Avon Man finds Enchanted director. (Variety) Wuthering Heights is set to be Twilight-ified. No joke. (Deadline) NBC, desperate to find hour-longs for the 10 p.m. time slot, settles on some guy named Spielberg. (THR)...

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NEW MOON opens to $140 million, THE BLIND SIDE opens big

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New Moon sparkled like a vampire in the daylight this weekend, taking in $140.7 million at the domestic box office. That’s enough to give The Twilight Saga: New Moon the third biggest opening of all-time, behind The Dark Knight ($158m) and Spider-Man 3 ($151m).  The film is on pace to beat Twilight‘s $192 million total gross by the end of the week. But New Moon isn’t the only big news to come out of the box office this weekend. We can quietly forgive Sandra Bullock for All About Steve because the actress just had the biggest opening in her career.  The Blind Side, about a family that takes in a young man for the streets, took in $34.5 million.  It’s the second time this year, Sandra has bested herself, the other time being when The Proposal opened to $33.6...

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$72.7 million for NEW MOON. Breaks midnight, single day, and Friday records.

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UPDATE: The official numbers put The Twilight Saga: New Moon at $72.7 million for it’s opening day. Still the biggest single day and Friday grosses ever. Sorry, Dark Knight fans. EARLIER: Well, I said The Twilight Saga: New Moon was going to be big, but I never thought it would be this big. Nikki over at DHD posted this morning that Twilighters forked over $76 million on Friday alone,  giving New Moon the biggest single day and the biggest Friday in box office history. That $76 million figure includes the $26 million that New Moon made at midnight. Also a record. New Moon was made for $50 million. It could bring in triple its budget by Thanksgiving (if not by the end of the weekend depending on the number of double- and triple-dippers). Of the top five single days...

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NEW MOON the #1 pre-release title in Fandango history

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If you’re wondering how big The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be when it hits theaters this weekend, well, it’s gonna be BIG. Fandango announced that New Moon is now the top-selling pre-release title in the company’s 10-year history. That’s bigger than Star Wars: Episode III.  Bigger than the latest Harry Potter. And yes, bigger than The Dark Knight. Heck, even I’m interested in seeing this movie and I HATED the first one. (It may have something to do with Taylor Lautner. Forgive me. I’m weak.) From Fandango: The Top 5 Advance Ticket-Sellers on Fandango (as of November 15, 2009) are now as follows: 1. New Moon (2009) 2. Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005) 3. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009) 4. The Dark Knight (2008) 5. Twilight (2008) The latest chapter of...

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Diablo does Sweet Valley – TFC Morning Report

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Top Story: Universal has figured out a way to get me to see a Sweet Valley High movie. The studio is negotiating for the rights to the book series and plans to have Academy Award winner Diablo Cody (love saying that) adapt and produce. (THR) In Other News: David Fincher has added three friends to his Facebook movie. The Social Network, written by Aaron Sorkin, will feature Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Justin Timberlake and  Andrew Garfield will also star. (Variety) Twilight author Stephenie Meyer will see her adult novel The Host turned in to a feature film with Andrew Niccol adapting the book and directing. (Variety) Lionsgate picked up the worldwide rights to writer-director Stephen Gaghan’s next film, an action thriller about a deep cover operative turned beat cop who fights a global organization. (THR) Fin....

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