5 X-FILES/BREAKING BAD Connections You May Have Missed


Vince Gilligan may have created one of the greatest shows in TV history with Breaking Bad. But the writer/producer also spent time on various other televisions shows, the most well-known being The X-Files. Gilligan is credited with producing over 120 episodes of The X-Files, and he wrote some of the series’ most entertaining “Monster of the Week” hour-longs, with his multiple perspective vampire story “Bad Blood” often cited as his best.

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5 Buzzworthy Films From Sundance 2014


Twenty years ago, one of my favorite films and filmmakers got their big break, so to speak, at Sundance: Clerks and its mastermind Kevin Smith. This year, keeping up with the buzz surrounding the festival has been particularly exciting for me, with acquisitions being made for some films that seem just as odd and out-there in spirit and charm as Smith’s black and white low budget comedy about nothing had been before ever even being picked up by Miramax and the Weinsteins.

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