First Look: Leonardo DiCaprio in J. EDGAR from EW

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Can you believe that Leonardo Dicaprio doesn’t have an Oscar? The teen heartthrob turned serious movie actor may have looked at Dustin Lance Black’s script for Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar and said, “Well, that’s going to change this year.” Entertainment Weekly nabbed the first photos (one above, two more at of Leo in drag as the founder and first director of the FBI.  The story of Hoover’s rise and fall sounds like a Shakespearean tragedy: Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black to EW: “I started to become curious about the ‘why,’” says screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, Oscar-winner for 2008’s Milk. “He did wonderful things for this country, but why did he ended up doing so many things that were heinous and harmful? I think it was all in the name of trying to fill that void, where love goes, with public...

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