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If you vote Obama, you’ll never see a Bio-Dome 2!

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Stevie concludes by saying:

Why do they keep saying four more years of McCain is four more years of Bush. That’s the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s totally untrue. And I believe John McCain will be the next president of the United Straights.

That’s funny, because that may be the most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. And I’m pretty sure the United Straights might be a hate group.

I kid. I kid. I heart all the Baldwins. All of them. Even Daniel.


  1. So, did he leave the country? Thank God Obama won. McCain would have plunged us into another great depression, demolished the sacred institutons of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, abolished the Bill of Rights and transformed America into a third world fascist country.

  2. I don’t think so. He still pops up on Larry King so he can do thing like call the vice president a potty mouth. And I’m serious about that:


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