Avatar readies free 15-minute IMAX and 3D teaser – TFC Morning Report

Top Story: When you talk about buzz, it doesn’t get much bigger than that of James Cameron’s Avatar.  The film is already being heralded as a film that will change Hollywood cinema. And in a show of confidence, 20th Century Fox announced that it will screen a free 15-minute teaser for the sci-fi epic on Aug. 21 in IMAX and 3D theaters nationwide.  (THR’s Risky Biz)

In Other News: Pirates of the Caribbean 4 will star shooting next spring for a 2011 release.  The picture will be shot as a single film that can lead into another Pirates trilogy. (ComingSoon.net)

Can’t wait to see Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones? Well, you’ll get your first look at the film when the trailer hits Apple on Aug. 6 and plays in front of Julie and Julia on Aug. 7. (Empire)

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