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In defense of Katherine Heigl?

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Me, I’ll defend her. Her Letterman appearance, if you watch the whole thing, was funny and smart. You have to be on your toes with Dave, and she really engaged with him. She showed genuine, non-diva curiosity about things other than herself (asking Dave about his own, long-gone dog, Bob, for example).

Tucker has a point. Heigl is no diva. But that’s only because she hasn’t earned that title yet. She’s just another TV star trying to make it in the pictures. Worse, her choice of film roles makes it look like she’s quickly heading down the Jennifer Aniston road. Before you know it, Heigl will be playing second fiddle to a canine in her only box office hit.

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  1. Despite the fact all of her movies have been box office hits? Her latest is also doing the business and was profitable within 7 days of release.

    She is also the worlds 5th highest paid MOVIE star. She made it in movies several years ago. Wake up.

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