Ridley Scott on board for BLADE RUNNER follow-up, De Palma to direct KEY MAN, LEBOWSKI on Facebook, more – News Links


  • It looks like revisiting Alien with his upcoming film Prometheus isn’t enough. Ridley Scott is going back to the well one more time, agreeing to direct a “follow-up” to his seminal sci-fi classic Blade Runner. (Deadline)
  • Maestro Brian De Palma may not have directed a decent thriller in decades, but that doesn’t me he’ll stop trying. The once (and future?) maestro will direct The Key Man, a film about  “a man whose body contains answers to national secrets.” And yes, it’s completely unrelated to the National Treasure franchise. (The Wrap)
  • Following Warner Bros. footsteps, Universal is set to offer rentals of the cult hit The Big Lebowski on Facebook. The app for Facebook was created by Milyoni. (THR)
  • In other Scott brother news, Ridley’s little brother Tony Scott is set to remake Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch. (Deadline)
  • Director Shawn Levy is considering leaving the James Cameron-produced “re-imaging” of 1966’s Fantastic Voyage. At the same time, Will Smith is being sought out for the lead role. I’m sure the two moves are unrelated. (THR)

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