THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN in 2016 and 2018, MAN OF STEEL 2 in 2014? – Big 6 Morning Report


  • Because Marvel staked its claim to the first weekend in May in 2015 and 2016, The Amazing Spider-Man lost its chance to become the first blockbuster of the summer in 2016. Well, Sony announced yesterday the release dates for The Amazing-Spider-Man 3 & 4, for June 10, 2016, and May 4, 2018, respectively. That 2018 release may be the earliest official release date I’ve ever seen, but Sony is leaving nothing to chance with its most lucrative franchise. (Screen Rant)
  • While the Spider-Man release dates may be way out in the future, we may be seeing a sequel to Man of Steel earlier than anyone could have imagined… in 2014. That’s right, 2014. With a Justice League movie to follow in 2015?! Well that’s what a “knowledgeable people” recently told the Wall Street Journal. It’s ambitious and since the third The Hobbit movie comes out in December 2014, it’s hard to imagine WB backing its biggest blockbusters into the same month to give the production room. Still, knowledgeable people, ya know. (WSJ)
  • Looks like we may get a sequel to Prometheus after all. Fox has hired Jack Paglen to write the screenplay for Prometheus 2. (AICN)
  • There can be only one, but Ryan Reynolds is not him. Reynolds has dropped out of Summit’s Highlander reboot. (The Wrap)
  • Remember that working class brownstone in Spike Lee’s Crooklyn? Well it can be yours if your wealthy. Gentrification has boosted the price for that piece of property to $1.7 million. (DNAInfo)
  • If you don’t have money for that brownstone, maybe you can afford to help James Franco make his next movie. The actor-director-writer-poet has turned to IndieGoGO to raise $500,000 for his Palo Alto Stories. (THR)

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