Kevin Smith Rejects Kickstarter For CLERKS 3 Because He Has His Own Money


Kevin Smith isn’t going somewhere other “indie” filmmakers have gone before: To Kickstarter.

Smith, in an interview with THR, said that the time for a guy like him to use something like crowd-funding to make his movies has passed:

“It feels like me trying to have a second bite at the apple by going, ‘All right man, now I’m going indie again with this Kickstarter thing.’ Like, the truth of it is, after all this time, 20 years later, I have access to money,” Smith said in the interview. “If I don’t use my own money, I can always hit up some of my famous friends.”

What Smith doesn’t mention, of course, is that he’s able to make any movie a cash cow if he just hold special Q&A screenings around the country like he did with Red State. Kickstarter is no replacement for showmanship. That’s probably more of Smith’s problem with Kickstarter in the end. Because if he made a campaign for Clerks 3, he said he wouldn’t need to be flashy:

“If our Kickstarter video had been me just walking out in front of a blackboard and writing Clerks and then III after it, without much more than that, we probably would have easily cleared $5 million to $7 million bucks,” Smith said. “And not because people like me, but they love Clerks, man.”

Preach, Kev. And anyway, we’re still about 5 years away from a Clerks 3 if he sticks with the every 12 years timetable. By the time it’s ready for release, we’ll likely be watching it as an Netflix “semi-original” movie.

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