Cory Monteith’s Last Film: New Images From ALL THE WRONG REASONS Released

Cory Monteith’s sudden passing due to accidental overdose is a tragedy. As a former Gleek, I can honestly say it’s hard to read about Finn dying so young. But with Monteith, we never really got to see just how talented he was outside of Glee.

For the filmmakers behind All the Wrong Reasons, that will make the release of their film bittersweet. In it Monteith plays a big box store manager whose wife is struggling with PTSD. The film’s director Gia Milani described the role as “pretty heavy role, very dramatic, very intense, quite a departure from Finn.”

Here are a couple images of Monteith from his final role, which will be the only time we’ll get a chance to see just how versatile Monteith really was:

cory_monteith_all_the_wrong_reasons_a_p cory_monteith_all_the_wrong_reasons_b

Source: THR

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