Are Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Loki And Young Nick Fury One-Shot Shorts Coming From Marvel?


Marvel is getting seriously ambitious with its One-Shot short films. After last year’s Item 47 attached to The Avengers disc and now an Agent Carter short announced for the Iron Man 3 disc, Marvel co-president and the director of both One-Shots is Louis D’Esposito spilling the beans over what the future holds for the short films.  In a recent interview with EW, D’Esposito had this to say:

“I’ve been asked many times too, would you introduce new characters?… That even proves to be very difficult, just from a cost perspective. What does the costume look like? Who is the actor playing it? A lot of R&D goes into it. We have a great concept department here, a visual development department, and it takes time.”

D’Esposito also suggested that Marvel didn’t want to tie the hands of any filmmaker who wanted to use the characters in a future feature film. Still, he offered hope to those of us who want to see superheroes in our One-Shots:

“Let’s just say I knew I was going to direct Captain Marvel [as a feature], right? And we knew who was going to play her,” D’Esposito says. That would make it easy to introduce her first in a One-Shot. “But that’s a plan that requires a lot of coordination. And I don’t know if really we … if I’ve been thinking that far ahead. It’s difficult enough to find something that’s enjoyable, that we can tell with the budget limitations and in the time we have. Introducing a lot of complicated variables might weaken that.”

In addition to Ms. Marvel, D’Esposito dropped ideas for young Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, Black Panther and Loki shorts in the interview. So could we see some of these folks in future One-Shots? That likely depends on how far in the future Marvel is already planning its Phases. With Thor later this year, we’re already halfway through Phase II. If One-Shots become a more serious part of the expanded universe, then you’re likely looking at Phase III heroes and storylines.

But even if One-Shots aren’t fully integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’re still fun as hell… and another major part of why Marvel’s live action world beats DC’s any day.

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