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Nicolas Cage Dishes on Tim Burton’s SUPERMAN LIVES
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He went on to say that it might have been a win-win to be involved in the ill-fated project, because the fantastical nature of the production as he saw it was probably best left to the imagination. Still, he continued to speak very highly of Burton’s vision:

Tim can invent worlds. We’re talking about another planet – what would that planet have looked like? The characters… what would they have been about? Tim’s a great artist, and he draws these characters, going into other dimensions and pulling things back for us to behold and that movie would have lent itself to that.

So even though we’ll never get to see Burton’s take on a sci-fi superman, we can at the very least imagine what Burton’s Krypton and his take on Superman villains like Doomsday and Brainiac would have looked like. If that’s what Nick Cage suggests, who am I to argue.

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