New AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Photos Tease The Sinister Six?

Sinister Six

Now here’s something that you probably weren’t expecting to see this morning. Columbia Pictures has released nine new photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, including one that teases the Sinister Six. Now not being a Spidey guy, it’s been a while since I’ve even thought of the Sinister Six supervillains. The group, most often headed by Dr. Octopus, is a motley crew of Spider-Man villains who band together to defeat the Web Crawler. Could we be in for a Sinister Six movie in the near future?

Well, from the looks of it, that photo could simply be a nickname that some of the nerdier filmmakers on Spider-Man 2 gave sound stage #6. But with all of the talk of a superhero rally in The Amazing Spider-Man 4 it only makes sense that those heroes have a group to rally against, right?

Regardless, here are a bunch of other new pictures released today by Columbia for the only franchise that studio has to offer:

Image Source: Rope of Silicon

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  1. Sinister Six? Marvel “Spideyverse” hero mashup? Bring it on, Sony!

    With 20th Century Fox’s long-running ‘X-Men’ franchise and both Warner Bros. and Disney/Marvel bringing tentpole films like ‘Superman vs. Batman” (technically Man of Steel 2 for now) and Avengers 2, respectively, why shouldn’t Sony step into the sandbox and make this happen?

    Maybe all of the lawyers getting rich off of how Marvel has divvied up its properties amongst rival studios can take a vacation. Do it for the fans?

    Hey, a guy can dream, right?

    Great post, as always, Dan.

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