Rian Johnson Is The Latest Boring White Guy To Get A STAR WARS Gig


Because what Star Wars needed is another boring white guy in charge of franchise movies, Disney has hired Rian Johnson, director of two okay films like (Brick and Looper) and one bad one (The Brothers Bloom), to take the reigns of the sequel trilogy after J.J. Abrams finishes the relaunch with Star Wars VII. According to Deadline, Johnson is set take on the major task of writing and directing Star Wars VIII and IX, which will conclude the new trilogy.  

I’m happy for Rian. He’s worked hard for this even if I don’t love his movies. I think he’s a great writer, but his direction has always felt underwhelming, even lazy. Like Josh Trank and Gareth Edwards (two other white guys who’ve joined the Star Wars universe as directors of stand-alone features), his films don’t have the energy that we’ve come to expect from our blockbusters. Still, we know what we’re getting with these guys. And that’s probably why Disney picked them.

This whole Star Wars relaunch is just rather dull. There’s nothing to get really excited about here… and nothing to get pissed about. My only hope is that Star Wars proves to be the real launching pad for these guys, who appear to have great films in them but just haven’t made them yet. What they need is the guiding hand of Feige-like uber-producer. Maybe Abrams, who is a much better producer than he is a director, can provide that.


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