Big 6: BOYZ N THE HOOD at 20, David Lynch’s nightclub, more


Boyz n the Hood, 20 Years Later: The Making of a Movie That Did Race Right

The film was Boyz n the Hood. Press coverage of violence attributed to its opening made it controversial, while rave reviews made it one of the most critically acclaimed of the year. Later, the Motion Picture Academy nominated Singleton for writing and directing Oscars, making him not only the youngest filmmaker nominated for directing but also the first African American. The film is now considered one of the centerpieces of modern black cinema for its realistic portrayal of life in the inner city. Boyz n the Hood also introduced a national conversation about inner-city gang violence, a subject that until then had been mostly a local urban issue. Read the full Atlantic article

Inside David Lynch’s Paris nightclub

This is Lynch’s answer to Warhol’s Factory, the existentialists’ Café Flore, the dadaists’ Cabaret Voltaire. So where was the Dada? The club’s owner Arnaud Frisch assured me Lynch was not even on the same continent: “He’ll be here programming everything next month. Trust me, it will be worth the wait.” Read the full Guardian article

Game Of Thrones Showrunners Talk Season Two, New Actors And Sexposition

“Whatever lessons we’ve learned from the first season are mitigated by the increased difficulty of the second season. We have more characters, more locations, more dragons. I wish we could say we’ve found a nice groove and life is easy now, but I still find myself waking up from anxiety nightmares at 4 in the morning,” Benioff said.  Read the MTV blog post

Jessica Chastain: This Year’s Model Knows ‘It Will Never Happen Again’

“She’s got a whole bunch of movies coming out, which she’s quite nervous about,” said Madden of Chastain. “She’s not nervous about the movies themselves, but the fact that she’s suddenly going to be everywhere. The commodification of young actresses is such a desperately difficult thing to negotiate, really, because the female move star is still the biggest and best way to sell publications and other things, I’m afraid.”  Read the full The Wrap post

Rumor Has It George Lucas Changed Jedi: Hey, Think Anyone Would Mind?

What folks are claiming has been added — in addition to the Ewoks blinking, apparently? — is that Darth Vader yells, “NOOOOOO!” as he’s throwing the Emperor over to stop him from killing Luke. (I have a request in at Lucasfilm for comment; I’ll let you know what they say, but I have no reason to doubt Itzkoff, who’s very reliable.)  Read the full NPR article

Technology Blurs the Line Between the Animated and the Real

Software may do most of the animating, but human artists still apply their skills, adjusting the rendering if Mr. Serkis’s protruding human nose is not squashed exactly as it should be to become a chimp’s nose, or if the emotional intent of the performance is not conveyed properly.  Read the full NYT article

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