There’s TERMINATOR 5 Movement at Paramount – Big 6 Morning Report



  • We’ve heard a lot about Terminator 5 in the past year. We know that Arnold will be back and that the script is being written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier (Lussier being behind some of the best bad movies in recent years from Jason X to Drive Angry 3D). Now we also know that Paramount will be involved, too. The studio and the production companies Skydance and Annapurna Productions are in negotiations to have Paramount distribute the new film. (AICN)
  • Speaking of franchise sequels at Paramount, the studio has tapped director Justin Lin to return for G.I. Joe 3.  No word yet on the cast, but since Dwayne Johnson is pretty much box office gold these days, Paramount will likely do whatever they can to get him back, t00. (The Playlist)
  • Oh, but that’s not all from Paramount. The studio will again partner with Platinum Dunes for another Friday the 13th movie now that Paramount has the rights to the franchise back from WB. (Bloody Disgusting)
  • When it comes to Broadway, Disney is no amateur. Now word comes that The Muppets could be the next Disney franchise to hit the stage. (/Film)
  • You know that Steve Jobs biopic JOBS starring Aston Kutcher? Yep, it’s still out there. And now the film has an official release date: August 16, 2013. (Deadline)
  • Here’s a news item that should make you uneasy: The Fifty Shades of Grey writer will also be writing The Little Mermaid for Working Title Pictures. (Deadline)

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