What Does Director Harmony Korine Think of FORREST GUMP? Well…


Somebody had to say it.

At the Provincetown Film Festival over the weekend, director Harmony Korine said Robert Zemeckis’s Oscar winning film Forrest Gump is “the most irresponsible movie ever made.” The enlightened comment came when Korine was being interviewed by John Waters at the film festival’s Filmmaker on the Edge series. When Waters admitted that a friend of his called Korine’s Spring Breakers the most irresponsible movie ever made, Waters asked Korine which movie he thought was most irresponsible. His quick response was Forrest Gump.

Thanks, Harmony. I’ve been trying to tell people that for years. It’s a messy, unbelievable picture that trivializes almost every event in 20th century American history. I hate Forrest Gump, sometimes beyond words. At least now I know that I have Harmony Korine on my side.

Source: FilmLinc.com

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