MAN OF STEEL Easter Egg Hints At Darkseid Connection


I haven’t posted many of the Man of Steel easter eggs because, really, most weren’t that interesting. But the latest one discovered by Cosmic Book News could actually hint at not just a broader universe, but also a Darkseid connection.

In the image above you see the WGBS call sign, which as CBN points out is the flagship station of Morgan Edge’s Galaxy Communications. In the comics, Edge is connected to Darkseid’s  Apokolips-sponsored crime organisation Intergang, even if only by way of cloning.

Could this mean that we have Darkseid in our future? Well, if Warner Bros. knows what’s good for them…

Source: CBN

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  1. There was also the easter egg regarding Lex Luthor, at the end fight scene you see a Luthorcorp tanker getting blown up. Also, there was an easter egg regarding Doomsday, since the AF officer turned the ship into the vortex to go into the phantom zone, and the female colleague of General Zod was with him. The Officer survives and is experimented on to become the killing machine Doomsday.

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